12182976_979146305490729_7235658529316069045_oKyra Droog, Sun Life Financial Advisor came to

Toddler Time to shed some light on financial planning.

It was a breath of fresh air to hear wisdom of easy and inspiring  planning that all starts with a dream board. A lovely visual aid to push you towards reaching your financial goals.

Here is what Kyra had to say:

“I had a wonderful time with all the moms and tots last week! So much enthusiasm in the room and lots of involvement lead to a very interactive workshop by both moms and kids! We learned about the value insurance can have for a family  and the HUGE impact a cheque can have when you need it the most. We talked about ways to save money and better protect your family by personally owning your insurance instead of relying on the bank or your group coverage. 

Then we shared all our dreams! We made a group dream board of all our wants and dreams to help us visualize the possibilities. Some of the dreams included:  retire early, take a dream vacation, buy a cottage or boat, do a home reno, pay off debt, be mortgage free and travel. We talked about the importance of a plan, and how those with a plan are 4 TIMES MORE wealthy than those without a plan and an advisor to support them. Creating a plan can make all the dreams on our board a reality. The value of sitting down and creating a plan today with an advisor can have a very positive impact on your financial plan.
We talked about ways to save money and have more time to do what makes you happy for the summer! And it all starts with a quick conversation together on how to get started on your financial success! I look forward to meeting more amazing moms who are a part of this group! They were so welcoming and enthusiastic, I can’t wait to join them again for another great morning! Kyra”13001130_1092925957446096_8185249297649574756_n