Indulge at the Oasis of Healing Spa with Salt rooms


Staff at KW Moms Club had a chance to try out one of the Salt Rooms and Oasis of Healing Spa.

We brought our children along and enjoyed a 45 minute session in one of the 2 rooms at the spa.

It was amazing! 


The benefits of the Halotherapy (salt therapy) boasts:
• Clears excess mucus.
• Balances airway surface liquid.
• Provides anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects.
• Speeds recovery from reactive inflammation after endonasal and endolaryngeal operations.
• Reduces bronchial hyperresponsiveness. • Clears inhaled contamination particles from lungs.
• Improves humoral and cellural immunity. • Increases lung capacity for enhanced athletic performance. • Normalizes superficial skin microbial autoflora.

It is a non invasive, natural, drug free and safe therapy using  dry aerosol of natural salt micro particles and minerals to treat respiratory ailments. It is a big draw for cold and flu season!

One of our girls noticed results from full sinuses after our session 

and I noticed how soft my skin felt too.  

The room we were in combined salt therapy with a colour therapy light and gentle music as well. The girls loved playing in the salt with the toys in the room too.

Oasis Of Healing Spa has another salt room as well. It is much bigger with anti gravity chairs. You can even attend yoga sessions in there! Amazing! 


Oasis has a range of natural therapeutic techniques available.  


Thier approach to well-being restoration “ holistic that views entire human being”

It is a  warm, inviting space tucked into a quite neighborhood in Waterloo.

Ewa is a lovely lady with kindness and a great deal of knowledge on holistic approaches to general health and wellness.


We can’t wait to return with some of members so they can enjoy the salt rooms and learn more about all that Oasis of Healing has to offer


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